Monica Selway
Originally a secondary teacher, I have always taught adults, and currently run a private class in Patchwork & Quilting. I give talks and workshops to groups such as the Embroiderers' Guild
Fundamentally an embroiderer, I use both hand and machine embroidery to enhance or make textiles.
I also use other crafts, such as hand-dyed fabrics, basket-making, beading and origami.
Click on images for details Morning Glory 2 MS
Morning Glory 1 MS

Above: Morning Glory 1
Description: Origami vase with hand and machine embroidery
Size:20 cm

Above: Morning Glory 2
Description: Reverse applique picture
Size: 30 x 40cm

Gold Cloud MS Copper Cloud MS Green Cloud MS

Title: Gold Cloud

Title: Copper Cloud

Title: Green Cloud
Materials/Techniques for all three Clouds: Silk clouds, machine embroidery, machine embroidered cords
Size for all three Clouds: 25.5 x 25.5cm
origami MS
Golden Clouds MS
Set of 3 Cushions MS
Above: " My North Country"

Size: 47cm. high, 56cm.wideMaterials: Silk,tissue paper, various threads, including silk, beads and sequins.
Techniques: The background silk and the tissue paper were hand-dyed. The paper was folded using Origami. Each folded section interlinks, and are then held together by embroidery, which includes beads and sequins.
Above:  Golden Clouds
Size:  25cm x 25cm, height 6cm
Materials:  Hand and machine embroidery with knotted wire and hand-made tassels
Title: Set of 3 Cushions
Materials/Techniques: Different types of American smocking
Sizes: 19 x 20cm
18 x 18cm
16.5 x 15cm
Couldn't Cut It Up MS
Linocut MS red Clouds MS
Above : Couldn’t Cut It Up
Size:  154cm x 80cm
Materials:  Quilt based on scraps left over from making a 70s dress
Above: Linocut
Size:  40cm x 48cm
Materials:  Linocut based on Chinese embroidery, on Chinese Indigo fabric
Title: Red Clouds
Techniques/Materials: Silk clouds, machine embroidery, machine embroidered cords
Size: 92 x 15
Right: " Concertina Moss".
Size: 29cm.high, 22cm. wide, 18cm deep.

Materials: Cottons and machine embroidery threads, card and "velcro"
Techniques: The bag was based on a garden feature found at Gawthorpe Hall. It had a concertina section designed to make the shape of the bag a practical, not just decorative, item. The closure uses traditional box-making techniques to make the fastening, together with machine embroidery for the moss decoration and cord.

bag MS basket MS
Bag 2 MS
Silk cushion MS

Above: Small Blue Basket
Size: 12cm deep x 15cm square
Materials/Techniques: strips using machine embroidery, spray painting.  Completely made from recycled materials

Left: "Architrave".
Size: 38cm. wide, 34 cm. high, 18cm. deep
Materials: Upholstery fabric, various embroidery threads, including machine embroidery, glass beads. Cushion filling.
Techniques: The design comes from my drawing of the architrave round a medieval door at Rufford Hall. This was made into a linocut, printed onto the fabric and hand embroidered and beaded. The shape was chosen to sit on a triangular chair found in the Hall, and the cushion was finished with tassels.
Above Left: Chinese Bag
Size: 24cm. long, 19cm.high, 4cm. thick.
Materials: Fabrics include silk,velvet and cotton. A variety of threads, gimp cord, beads and sequins are also included, and the bag contains the traditional pot-pourri sachet.
Techniques: The bag is made from a traditional style of bag carried at the waist on a belt.The bottom section is hand-dyed and printed fabric, which has then been machine embroidered, with beads and sequins added. The bag was then embellished with cords, some hand-made. Knotting was deliberately used as part of the decoration, because it is a feature of this style of bag.

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