Anne Stark

My interest in needlework began with dressmaking, and in the past I ran a business designing, making and selling children's clothes, featuring applique work. Over the last twelve years I have concentrated on creative embroidery, attending evening classes and classes run by the WEA. In 2005 I completed the City and Guilds Part I in Design and Creative Embroidery and two years later completed the Diploma.  I enjoy using mixed media, experimenting with textiles and other materials.  I enjoy the challenge and focus that come from exhibiting my work with One Step On.

Tiffany Bowl AS

Chinese Butterfly AS

Title: Tiffany Bowl
Technique/materials: Hand made wire bowl, dyed muslin, free machine embroidery, paverpol
Size: approx. 8"high x 10"wide, inc. frame

Above: Chinese Butterfly
Size: 54 x 45cm
Materials/technique:Background; stencilled silk, Butterfly: felt, metallic organza, all with machine embroidery
Source: Ancient Chinese embroidery

Title: Woodland Window
Size: 36cm x 58cm
Technique/materials: Mixed media background with felt, free machine and hand embroidery.
Source: a combination of tiffany and Woodland themes

Title: Creation 2
Size: 25 x 25cm
Digitally printed cotton and organza, hand stitching.
Source: Based on the first verse of a poem on an old sampler

Title: Canopy
Size: 37cm sq
Technique/materials: Needle felting, hand and free machine embroidery, with a hand embroidered linen mount.
Source: a visit to Brinscall Woods
Creation 2 AS

Title:Tiffany Vase 3
Size: 25cm sq
Materials/Techniques: Hand-dyed fabrics and hand embroidery
Source: a visit to see Tiffany glass

Below: Beyond the Blue
Size: 50 x 20cm
Materials/technique: digitally printed cotton and organza with
machine embroidery, on a box canvas and perspex
Source: Sky

Below:: Partyrags
Size: 60cm wide x 90cm high
Materials: perspex, wire, metallic organza, thread.
Source: Based on the subject "Handbags and Gladrags"
Beyond The Blue AS Partyrags AS

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